Canoes are open top boats which can carry 2 or 3 people.  They are paddled using a single blade paddle and the paddler is usually kneeling down in the canoe. They are the traditional craft used in North America and are often refered to as Canadian Canoes.

All our instructors hold appropriate Bristish Canoeing Coaching Awards.

The Venture Centre is an adventure mark approved centre


For groups booking residential adventure courses the cost of all activities is included in the price

Risk Assessments Canoeing

  • Mooragh Lake Canoe Sessions

    The Mooragh Park offers the perfect location for taster and beginner canoe sessions. The sheltered water and shallow depth (only 1.5m max) mean that you can concentrate on learning skills and having fun in a relaxed environment. Our instructors will tailor make each session for the group and will focus on learning basic new skills whilst playing a range of games and having fun on the water.

    For those more nervous or needing extra stability we can raft canoes together to remove the risk or capsizing.

    Perfect for families and small and large groups.

    Contact us for more details.

  • Sulby River Canoe Trips

    Our flat water canoe trips offer you the oppurtunity to take a journey exploring the lower reaches of the Sulby river. These are perfects for families and large and small groups. Our instructors will tailor make the journey to suit you and can give tuition on paddling skills and will throw in a healthy amount of fun games.

    Perfect for families and small and large groups.

    This session must be booked around high tide.

    Contact us for more details.

What should I bring and wear?

Please wear comfortable outdoor clothing appropriate to the time of year (no jeans).

Old trainers or wet suit boots or beach shoes etc

Although the sessions can be predominantely dry it is recomended that you do bring a full change of clothes (especially if you are wanting to play some of the more silly games).

We can issues you wetsuits if you would like depending on the time of year and if you are wanting a wet session.

Please bring a towel and a spare pair of shoes

Risk Assesment