Assault Course

Have a go on our commando style Assault Course

Our site lends itself to a very unique assault course comprising of; The Mole Hole, Monkey Bars,Chicken walk, Rope Bridge, plank walk, traverse wall, Stepping tyres, Under and Over Bars, The Wall, Tunnels, Scramble Net, Balance Beams, Postmans Walk, Tiger Trap, Vine Walk, Parallel Wires, Parallel Bars,  Net Crawl and of course our Zip Line.

Work as a team to complete the route or compete against each other.


What should I bring/ wear?

The Assault Course involves climbing under and over a series of obstacles, including obstacles over water, so there is a chance of getting wet.

Long sleeve top and Long trousers

Strong footwear you don’t mind getting wet, not sandals, crocs or thin soled shoes

Wellies are fine in the winter

No jewellery

What ages is the Assault Course suitable for?

The minimum age for the whole Assault Course is 9years old. By special arrangement we can cater for slightly younger children although they will have to miss out some of the harder obstacles. You can contact us to discuss this prior to making a booking..

There is no maximum age and plenty of adult groups visit us to work together or race on our Assault Course.

Do I need to book the session or can I just turn up?

All sessions need to be pre booked at the Venture Centre. Contact us by phone or email and we will let you know when we can run a session for your group.

How long does an Assault Course session last?

Sessions last from 1hr to 90minutes.