Youth Paddlesports

Youth Paddlesport

Summer Holiday Paddlesport Courses

Over the summer holdays we run a range of paddlesport courses for young people. These courses feature five sessions of 1 ½ hours that run over the course of a week. They are aimed at two different levels with beginner aimed at people who have little or no experience and the intermediate for those with some paddling experience and are competent at basic strokes. Whilst primarily the sessions are based in kayaks they may also involve the use of kayaks, canoes and sit on top kayaks. We also run a Paddleduck adventure week for younger children aged 6-9years old with the aim of inspiring young people to take part in watersports through fun based sessions.

Paddleducks Watersports Adventure Week (ages 6-9years)

During these weeks the children will take part in a variety of watersports appropriate to weather. Sessions are aimed at improving confidence on the water and in a kayak or canoe but predominantely focus on having fun in boats and inspiring progression in the future.

We ask parents to remain at the lake during these watersports sessions

9.30 - 11.00 Monday 6th August - Friday 10th August 2018

Price- £60 per child per week





Beginner Paddlesport Week (ages 9+)

Focusing on providing an enjoyable and educational introduction to the world of paddlesport. Sessions will be based on the Mooragh Park lake. 9:30am-11am. Monday 23rd - Friday 27th July 2018



Improvers Paddlesport Week (Ages 9 +)

Youth paddle sport course  focusing on improving skills in kayaking and canoeing in a fun environment. Sessions will mostly be based on the Mooragh Park lake but may also run on the Sulby river and Ramsey bay. 9:30am-11am. Mon 20th Augustu - Friday 24th August 2018

Sessions will be based on Mooragh Park Lake, Ramsey Harbour, Ramsey Bay or Sulby River as appropriate to the group.

Monday 20th August - Friday 24th August 2018

Cost £60 per child for 5 sessions